Born: 1871
Education: University of Richmond
Position at VCU: Medical College of Virginia
Died: 1952

Adolph Dill Williams, the youngest son of Thomas C. Williams Sr., tobacco manufacturer and founder of the School of Law at the University of Richmond, was born and lived his entire life in Richmond, Va. After attending the University of Richmond, he became a buyer for his father’s tobacco firm until it was acquired by the American Tobacco Company. Williams focused his attention on managing his private business and amassing a fortune, which he shared with his community. A patient of Dr. Stuart McGuire, Williams showed his appreciation for his physician and friend with his generous gifts to the Medical College of Virginia (MCV). The bequests from Williams and his wife, Wilkins Coons Williams, support the A.D. Williams scholarships at VCU today.

Artist: Silvette, David
Date: undated
Location: VCU Health Sciences Library