Born: 1906
Education: University of Rochester
Position at VCU: MCV School of Dentistry
Died: 1963

Alton Dean Brashear, anatomist and dentist, received his D.D.S. from Ohio State University and a master's of anatomy from the University of Rochester. In 1938, the Fort Smith, Ark. native came to the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) as an assistant professor of anatomy in the School of Dentistry. He served with the MCV-based General Hospital 45 during World War II, where he was the chief of dental services.  He subsequently compiled a history of the unit which was illustrated with many of his photographs. Brashear developed and taught a postgraduate course on the anatomy of the head and neck.  Following his death, this postgraduate course was named in his honor.

Artist: Brownson, Walter C.
Date: 1964
Location: VCU Health Sciences Library