Born: 1912
Education: Medical College of Virginia
Position at VCU: MCV School of Medicine
Died: 1984

Harold Nemuth was born in Norfolk, Va. He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in 1934 and a medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) in 1939. After serving in the Navy during World War II, Dr. Nemuth returned to MCV as a clinical professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine, becoming the director of the Home Care Program from 1963 to 1969.  From 1948 to 1966, he served as the physician for the Richmond Police Department. He served on the Governor’s Council on Drug Abuse and the Council on Aging and was appointed to the Virginia Commonwealth University Board of Visitors in 1978. Dr. Nemuth was the vice president of the Richmond Academy of Medicine and the Medical Society of Virginia, and the Harold I. Nemuth Professorship for Neurological Disorders is named in his honor.

Artist: McNelly, Clarence L.
Date: undated
Location: VCU Health Sciences Library