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Appendix 7- Virginia Board of Nursing Chief Administrative Officers of the Board of Nursing

Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Examiners of Nurses (served as members of the board)
1914-1920 Julia Mellichamp, RN
1920-1937 Ethel Smith, RN
1937-1948 Josephine McLeod, RN
1949-1970 Mabel Montgomery, RN

Executive Secretary of the Board of Nursing (employees of the Board)
1970-1971 Mabel Montgomery, RN
1971-1983 Eleanor J. Smith, RN
1983-1986 Corinne F. Dorsey, RN

Executive Director of the Board of Nursing (title change)
1986-1995 Corinne F. Dorsey, RN
1995- Nancy K. Durrett, RN