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Ed Peeples and the staff of KY 1966

Through the efforts of Edward H. Peeples, Jr. (Encamper, 1957 NY and director of the 1966 KY Encampment), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries is preserving the Encampment’s history and legacy. An archival collection has been established at James Branch Cabell Library. (Peeples is an emeritus professor at VCU.) 

Your help is needed to increase the collection's breadth and depth.  

The Encampment for Citizenship Collection includes publications, photographs, correspondence, organizational documents, brochures, and memorabilia that chronicle the history and people associated with the Encampment’s transformative learning adventure and experience in democratic living. 

This online exhibit was created entirely from materials donated to the Encampment for Citizenship collection. You can view more items here

VCU Libraries seeks additional materials that document the long, rich history of the EFC and its influence on Encampers' lives. If you would like to discuss potential gifts of materials, ask questions or visit the archives, please contact Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library.

Detail from 1946 Political Action Handbook