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Wonder Woman Herself

Sensation Comics No 23 Nov 1943 rsz.jpg

Sensation Comics No. 23, November, 1943

Wonder Woman No 16 Mar_Apr 1946 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman, No. 16, MAR APR 1946

Wonder Woman No 34 Mar_Apr 1949 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman No. 34, MAR APR 1949

Wonder Woman No 69 OCT 1954 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman Seeds of Peril

No. 69, OCT 1954

Wonder Woman No 203 NOV_DEC 1972 rsz.jpg

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Women's Lib Issue

No. 203 NOV/DEC 1972

Wonder Woman Vol 34 No 219 AUG_SEP 1975 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman: World of Enslaved Women

No. 219, AUG/SEP 1975

Wonder Woman No 233 JUL 1977 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman, No. 233, JUL 1977

Wonder Woman No 81 DEC 1993 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman No. 81 DEC 1993

Wonder Woman No 197 2003 rsz.jpg

Wonder Woman

No. 197 DEC 2003

Wonder Woman has changed over the years as many writers and artists have reinterpreted William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter's original Amazon heroine. Here's a quick sampling of 60 years of comic book covers from our collection.

Special Collections and Archives holds both original and reprint editions of many Wonder Woman comic books, available in the Reading Room on the 4th floor of James Branch Cabell Library. We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.