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Flax authored more than 100 publications during his life time. The majority were related to his work in physical medicine and rehabilitation; however, he also wrote poetry. Flax published three books of poetry: September Songs (1984), Songs of My Sixties (1987), and Four Score and Five: Songs of My Eighties (2002).

He also wrote, Life to Years, an autobiographical account of his practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation. This book provides not only his personal reminiscence, but also traces the history of PM&R from its emergence as a recognized specialty in 1947 through to 1995 when he published the book.


"Time is the great healer of broken bodies;

Some say he mends broken hearts...

Dear one, hold fast to these precious moments

That add life to our years as we add years to life."

- Herman J. Flax, M.D.