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Photographic portrait of Mrs. Louisa Nelson. Cabinet card owned by James Branch Cabell. Date given on reverse, c.1893
G.W. Davis is often noted for hiring African-American photographers James Conway Farley (in 1875) and George O. Brown (in 1879).
RG 60 Ser XI Box 3 Louisa Nelson_ca 1893_front_crop rsz.jpg

Louisa Nelson was the beloved nurse of James Branch Cabell and his brothers Robert G. Cabell and John L. Cabell. She lived with the Cabell family for 25 years, employed first a a nurse, then later as a maid to the boys' mother, Anne Cabell. Louisa…
M214 Scrapbook 2 Box 16_Louisa Nelson_obits rsz.jpg

Title page from one of Cabell's copies of this work. Beatrice Houdini once sent Cabell a copy of this book with a request for his autograph.
PS 3505_A153M8_1926 Music from Behind the Moon title page alt2 rsz.jpg

Letter from Beatrice Houdini, wife of Harry Houdini, to James Branch Cabell requesting his autograph on a copy of The Music From Behind the Moon (which she misnamesThe Music From Beyond the Moon.) The letter is typed on mourning stationery…
M214 Box 2 Letter from Beatrice Houdini to JBCabell rsz.jpg

Book given to James Branch Cabell by Beatrice Houdini, from her collection. The book was originally given by the author, Robert Green Ingersoll to his friend, John G. Mills on June 24, 1880. Harry Houdini acquired the book and added his bookplate…
BL 2725_S6 1879 Some mistakes of Moses_Ingersoll back cover rsz.jpg

A catalogue of the items, laid-in contents, and location of James Branch Cabell's personal library as it existed in 1967.
PS 3505_A153Z5582_1968 annotated Duke Catalogue p32.jpg

Note: "This story was first printed in the New Yorker ..."--Page [4]. Inscribed by the author: James Branch CabellOne more proof of the power of the Holy Spirit.H.L MenckenSept 29, 1946
PS 3525_E43C5 c2 Christmas Story H L Mencken dust jacket crop rsz.jpg

Dedication plaque placed on the wall outside the Cabell Room in VCU Libraries James Branch Cabell Library
Cabell Room Dedication Plaque rsz.jpg

Program notes for the debut of Deems Taylor's Symphonic Poem, "Jurgen" at Carnegie Hall, November 19 and 20, 1925.
M214 Ser VIII B15 Deems Taylor Jurgen program p1 rsz.jpg

Halloween Party, Country Club, West Chester, PA, 1923

Cabell is in the center of the photo. Biographer Dr. Edgar MacDonald identifies most of the literary lions present in his book "James Branch Cabell and Richmond-in-Virginia."
Second from the…
RG60 SerXI B1 Halloween Party West Chester PA 1923 rsz.jpg

Cabell's collection label reads:Xanthos, The Horse of Achilles.A gift from Messire Donander of Evre, the Thane of Aigremont.--"Above Paradiso," inThe Silver Stallion. 56Note: Xanthos is the Latin form of the Greek name…
Xanthos Horse of Achilles_No56 rsz.jpg
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