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Your Vote
Was handed to you when you became twenty-one years old.
You didn't have to ask for it.
You didn't have to prove that you were qualified for it.
Our Government considers you are a thinking being and therefore can judge better than others…

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M71 Your Vote NY State Woman Suffrage Party handbill rsz.jpg

AMENDMENT No. 1 Shall the proposed amendment to section one of article two of the Constitution, conferring equal suffrage upon women, be approved?
Vote "YES" on Amendment No. 1
as marked above...

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M71 How to Vote for Woman Suffrage rsz.jpg

We are forever being told that the place for women in in the HOME. Well, so be it. But what do we expect of her in the home? Merely to stay in the home is not enough. She is a failure unless she does certain things for the home.…

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M71 Women in the Home NY State Woman Suffrage handbill rsz.jpg

Seal at top reads: The Blot on the Escutcheon. The Ballot is Denied to Woman
Ribbon printed with text: Think it Over. An ounce of persuasion precedes a pound of coercion.
Main text: Woman, if granted the right of Equal Suffrage, would not endeavor…

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M71 Think it Over postcard rsz.jpg

"For Justice and Mercy Women's Over Sea Hospital Unit Sails For France" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor
Woman Citizen Feb 23 1918.jpg

"In the Hands of Her Friends" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor
Illustration on back cover from a painting by Evelyn Rumsey Cary (1905).
Woman Citizen January 5 1918 In the hands of her friends.jpg

"Contains material originally published in magazine form as Ms. Marvel #1-5 and All-new Marvel now! point one #1"--Title page, volume 1
PN 6728_M766W55 2015_v1_Ms Marvel No Normal rsz.jpg
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