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"In the Hands of Her Friends" cover illustration by C. D. Batchelor
Illustration on back cover from a painting by Evelyn Rumsey Cary (1905).
Woman Citizen January 5 1918 In the hands of her friends.jpg

"Handing on the Work" by C. D. Batchelor
"Special Convention Number"
Woman Citizen Special Convention Number Feb 14 1920 Handing on the Work rsz.jpg

"Help! I Can't Keep It Down" by Charles H. Winner
Woman Citizen Dec 20 1919 Help I cant keep it down.jpg

"Women Bring All Voters Into the World. Let Women Vote." cover illustration by James Montgomery Flagg
Woman Citizen Oct 27 1917 JMFlagg rsz.jpg

"Halt Who Goes There?" cartoon by C. D. Batchelor
The Woman Citizen January 19 1918 Halt Who Goes There.jpg

Mr. Grandee is paying his all-female staff below minimum wage.
Wonder Woman No 203 NOV_DEC 1972 rsz.jpg
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