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Kreisleiter Georg Sponsel

This photograph album was created for an official in the Nazi party, (Johann) Georg Sponsel, as a souvenir of his visit to a Deutsches Jungvolk camp in the summer of 1937. Sponsel was installed as the mayor of Schongau by the Nazi party in 1933, and by 1937 held the rank of District Leader (Kreisleiter). In the last days of the war, Sponsel appears to have ordered members of the Hitler Youth and the Volkssturm ("People's Storm") to fight against Allied troops in Bavaria. After Germany's surrender, Georg Sponsel was tried at Dachau as a war criminal for his role in the death of Maj. John R. Reynolds, an American pilot. Sponsel was executed at Landsberg prison. 

While we know a little about Georg Sponsel, the official for whom this album was created, we know almost nothing about the camp itself or Fritz Steves, the Oberjungbannf├╝hrer. Research is needed to identify the location of the functions and parades shown in these photographs, and the names of all the party officials present.