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History in Your Hands: Contraception and Family Planning

Each rare book and every archival collection holds a story. Manuscripts and artifacts bear witness to past events, but only a careful researcher can piece together the facts of history and reveal the narrative within the collection. When historical materials relate to difficult or controversial events, study of these objects can help us understand their meaning within the context of the relevant time period, even when we disagree with the views such materials may express.

VCU Libraries Special Collections and Archives houses many fascinating rare books and primary source materials that wait for inquisitive minds to study them. History in Your Hands exhibits present featured manuscript collections that we believe merit further research. Only when you take "history in your hands" can you begin the process that will allow the full story to be shared.



The image above was created from a pamphlet distributed by the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding these materials or this exhibition, please contact the Special Collections and Archives staff in James Branch Cabell Library.