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Emancipation Petition 1792


Title: Emancipation Petition 1792
Creator: Maywood
Date: 1792 November 28
Source: James A. Brewer Papers
Rights: This material is in the public domain in the United States and thus is free of any copyright restriction. Acknowledgement of Virginia State University Library Special Collections and Archives as a source is requested.
Description: Written petition to gain freedom of a family member.

Transcript - page 1

Petition of Thomas Porter G__

In Senate 28th Nov. 1792 read ____ to the committee appointed to report on the bill for emancipating _____.

___ Maywood


In House of ____ 28 November read ____ as by the Senate


Transcript - page 2

To the __ the General ___ of the State of ___
The Petition of Tho Neale of the County of Brunswick in the state of North Carolina Planter, ___; that your petition is __ of two __ __ of his own right and property and is __ of __ them their __ and __ convinced of their good ___ , ___ your honorable body to liberate and for even ___ the said two __ named Betsy although the age of __ or __and boy James the __ of Eighth __ - by and under the names and __ of Betsy Phillips and James Phillips and your Petition __ __ duty bound with __.

___ ___
Nov 1792

Tho Neale
Subject: Slaves -- Emancipation -- United States; Petition, Right of -- United States
Contributor: Virginia State University, Special Collections and Archives
Language: Eng
Type: Text
Maywood, “Emancipation Petition 1792,” VCU Libraries Gallery, accessed January 23, 2020,