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Cabell First Novelist Eighteenth Annual Award, 2019

Cabell First Novelist Seventeenth Annual Award, 2018
2018 In the Distance Hernan Diaz.jpg

First NovelistFirst Annual Award, 2002
2002_Language of Good-bye Maribeth Fischer.jpg

First NovelistSecond Annual Award, 2003
2003_Salt Isabel Zuber.jpg

First NovelistThird Annual Award, 2004
2004_Long for this World Michael Byers.jpg

First NovelistFourth Annual Award, 2005
2005_Harbor Lorraine Adams.jpg

First NovelistFifth Annual Award, 2006
2006_A Sudden Country Karen Fisher.jpg

First NovelistSixth Annual Award, 2007
2007_The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo_Peter Orner.jpg

Cabell First NovelistSeventh Annual Award, 2008
2008 The Archivists Story.jpg

Cabell First NovelistEighth Annual Award, 2009
vacation cover alt.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Ninth Annual Award, 2010
mathilda savitch cover.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Tenth Annual Award, 2011
First Novelist 2011 - Book Cover (Gordon).jpg

Cabell First Novelist Eleventh Annual Award, 2012
First Novelist 2012 - Book Cover.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Twelfth Annual Award, 2013
First Novelist 2013 - Book Cover 1.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Thirteenth Annual Award, 2014
2014 Golem and the Jinni.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Fourteenth Annual Award, 2015
Replacement Life2.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Fifteenth Annual Award, 2016
Turner House.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Sixteenth Annual Award, 2017
2017 Wangs vs the World images.jpg
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