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Publication of the Art Club of Richmond located at 521 West Grace St., Richmond, Va.

"Membership and Junior Membership, $3.00 a Year
Contributing Membership, $10.00 a Year"
VCU_M 9 Box 169 Art club 1914 by Adele Clark rsz.jpg

Drawing of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Grace and Ninth Streets across from Capitol Square, Richmond, Va.

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VCU_M9 B233 St Pauls RVA by Adele Clark rsz.jpg

1. God and man -- 2. Christ our redeemer -- 3. The mother of God -- 4. The words of Jesus -- 5. Holy church -- 6. Grace and baptism -- 7. Confirmation -- 8. The bread of angels -- 9. The blessed Eucharist -- 10. Holy Mass -- 11. Confession 1 -- 12.…
BX1961_C64_1955_v14 Catechetical Scenes Prayer rsz.jpg

The Coleman Hotel in Ashland, VA was built by an African-American couple, Mildred and John Coleman, in 1925-1926, who were proprietors of the hotel until 1938 when it was sold to the trustees of the South Anna Lodge No. 874 Of the Improved Benevolent…

Songs recorded by participants in CORE's Freedom Highways project in the summer of 1962. The project was designed to open chain restaurants along major federal highways to all persons.

Vinyl LP and songbook.
Dauntless DM 4301, a division of Audio…
M1977 _P75S57 1962 Sit-in Songs CORE cover rsz small.jpg

Letter from President Coolidge to Kate Waller Barrett regarding the Florence Crittenton Mission which managed homes for unwed mothers and prostitutes.

My dear Mrs. Barrett:
It is not easy to imagine a single reason why the work of the Florence…
M 9 Box 111 Letter to K W Barrett from C Coolidge 10_23_1924 rsz.jpg

An illustrated adaptation of the entire book of Genesis, providing the biblical accounts of the Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the ark, the Tower of Babel, and other people and events.
Translated by Robert Alter, c1996; rev. by…
BS1233_A785_2009 Book of Genesis Illustrated by R Crumb rsz2.jpg

Photographic portrait of Mrs. Louisa Nelson. Cabinet card owned by James Branch Cabell. Date given on reverse, c.1893
G.W. Davis is often noted for hiring African-American photographers James Conway Farley (in 1875) and George O. Brown (in 1879).
RG 60 Ser XI Box 3 Louisa Nelson_ca 1893_front_crop rsz.jpg

Time is a hard concept to represent. With comics, the gutter between panels can represent anywhere from a second passing to several million years. Typically, we approach comics with the assumption that the time between the panels amounts to a few…
Archie No. 613, Page 9.jpg

This is the only known photograph of Ellen Glasgow and James Branch Cabell together. It was taken at the Cabell home on June 1, 1928 by Richmond’s Dementi Studio for the Richmond News Leader. From left to right are Burton Rascoe, a literary critic…
RG 60 Ser XI B1 James Branch Cabell Ellen Glasgow and friends crop rsz.jpg

Child labor street permit. This pinback button for an errand boy was issued in 1929. Variant state seal with armored Virtus and mountains in the distance.
M9 Box 230 Adele Clark_Errand Boys Child labor street permit crop rsz2.jpg

Letter granting "exceptional" (ausnahmsweise) permission for Lewin family (7 members) to use a non-authorized shipping line to emigrate to California. This authorization refers to Abraham J. Lewin's request of October 28, 1938.
Permission granted rsz.jpg

Cabell First Novelist Seventeenth Annual Award, 2018
2018 In the Distance Hernan Diaz.jpg

Contains essay "Two Centuries of Underground Comics" by Daniel Raeburn (34-45).
PN6710_R83_2006 Strips Toons and Bluesies rsz.jpg
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