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This book is an example of a Carousel structure.

Cabell First Novelist Twelfth Annual Award, 2013
First Novelist 2013 - Book Cover 1.jpg

Personal photographs and newspaper article clipping from the Smithfield Herald (NC) donated by EFC staff member Pam Barefoot.
m391b4 Staffer Pam Barefoot Denver 1973 rsz.jpg

This zine is an example of a Single Sheet structure.



Text by Robert Beer
Art by Peter Weltevrede
Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster
Concept by Tad Wise
BL1236_76_A48W45_2007 Hindu Altars rsz.jpg

This book is an example of an Angle Fold structure.
0391 Wake Up, Sloth!.jpg

First NovelistThird Annual Award, 2004
2004_Long for this World Michael Byers.jpg

Pages 13 and 14. This page which features the hero Snowbird fighting the weather controlling beast Kolomaq in whiteout conditions is the comic version of drawing a polar bear in a snowstorm. There are no images to follow, instead the text serves to…
Alpha Flight .jpg
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