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Madame Xanadu, No. 6


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Madame Xanadu.jpg
Title: Madame Xanadu, No. 6
Creator: Wagner, Matt, Amy Reeder Hadley, and Richard Friend
Date: 2009
Source: VCU Libraries, James Branch Cabell Library, Special Collections and Archives
Publisher: DC/Vertigo
Description: Pages 18 and 19. This two page spread uses jagged, stained glass inspired panels in a spiral pattern to draw the reader’s attention towards the woman curled in the lower section of the left page who is the focal point of the image. Visually this is accomplished in two ways, first by tapering the edges of the panels towards the woman, and then by decreasing the size of each panel the closer to the focal point they are placed. Because the focal point rests off center, the creators of this comic placed the text captions in a descending curve from the top left to the bottom right. This half-circle arrangement allows the reader’s eye to flow the length of the image while staying anchored from beginning to end at the focal.
Issue Title: Madame Xanadu
Issue Number: 6
Month: January
Publisher/Imprint: DC/Vertigo
Writer: Wagner, Matt
Artists: Hadley, Amy Reeder, and Richard Friend
Year: 2009
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