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Jack Tales, Page 5


Jack Tales, page 5, Charles Vess papers, M 374
Jack Tales, page 5, Charles Vess papers, M 374
Title: Jack Tales, Page 5
Creator: Vess, Charles
Date: 1980
Publisher: VCU Libraries, James Branch Cabell Library, Special Collections and Archives, Charles Vess Papers M374.
Description: While the paper choices talked about above are highly important to the final quality and appearance of the finished comic, this is not how the pages often begin. The printed version on the paper that we as readers handle is compiled from artists’ drawings, and digital sketches. In the case of the former, heavy stocks like Bristol board, watercolor paper and charcoal sheets can be used for the base of the original drawings. In this example by Charles Vess, each individual panel has been cut out from drawing paper and glued onto a thicker board. This 15 x 20 inches finished work is far too large to fit nicely into the typical comic book, so when it was printed the piece would have been scaled down.
Original Format: Drawing
Physical Dimensions: 15 x 20 inches
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