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Mt. Edith Cavell


Title: Mt. Edith Cavell
Creator: Altitude Publishing Ltd.
Description: Mt. Edith Cavell was named for the heroic nurse who was shot during World War I. its former name during the days of the fur trade was La Montagne de la Grande Traverse. It was a much used landmark as its elevation 11,033 ft. (3363 m.) make it one of the highest peaks near Jasper.

Canadian Rockies! Our last all [train] town. Scenery + colored leaves Fantastic. Canada has postal strike so we must wait + mail from U.S. from: Sara + Pauline to: Eleanor Hallock 2202 Chestnut Camp Hill PA 17011
Format: Postcard
Altitude Publishing Ltd., “Mt. Edith Cavell,” VCU Libraries Gallery, accessed February 27, 2024,