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3D Printed Titanium Surface


Title: 3D Printed Titanium Surface
Description: 3D printing can be used to manufacture customized titanium metal implants for orthopaedic and dental implants. Additional surface treatment induces micro- and nano-roughness, mimicking the natural surface of bone for increased osseointegration. Here, laser confocal microscopy is utilized to assess the surface roughness and topography of a 3D manufactured titanium surface.

Laser sintered titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) metal that has been processed to induce micro-roughness (blasting with particles) and nano-roughness (pickling to remove debris). Reflection at 405nm taken on Zeiss LSM 710 microscope with 20X objective. A z-stack of 245um in 5um intervals was superimposed to form one image. A white/blue gradient was used to represent surface topography.

These surfaces were created using additive manufacturing and are being characterized and tested to understand their use for dental and orthopaedic implants. Confocal microscopy can be used to assess roughness that provides a better surface for ossoeintegration with bone.

Alice Cheng, Student, Biomedical Engineering
Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Laser Microscope, ZEN software, Plan-Apochromat 20X 10.8 M27 Objective
Identifier: ttlg-24
“3D Printed Titanium Surface,” VCU Libraries Gallery, accessed April 2, 2023,