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Title: Low
Creator: Remender, Rick, Greg Tocchini, and Dave McCaig
Date: 2016 February
Source: VCU Libraries, James Branch Cabell Library, Special Collections and Archives
Publisher: Image Comics
Description: In this exhibition’s section about layouts, it was mentioned that color can be a powerful tool for creating emphasis. The cover of this comic paints all of the image except for the central figure in a wash of red. This contrasts strongly with the blue and white of the figure, which results in drawing the viewer’s eye to that figure. Like the light of the sun, the brighter an object is in a work, the more our attention will be drawn there. This is why in a lot of four-color printing, heroes are in white, red and yellow.

With the technology that comic artist now have, it is possible to print more varied art styles and colors than ever before. Low uses the same sort of color palette on its cover that a four-color printed comic might have, but the way the color is applied is different. Fitting for a comic about underwater denizens, the cover artist used watercolor paints for the image, which was then digitally printed for the final book.
Issue Title: Low
Issue Number: 11
Month: February
Publisher/Imprint: Image Comics
Writer: Remender, Rick
Artists: Tocchini, Greg, and Dave McCaig.
Year: 2016
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