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Untitled draft of verse which would become first part of , "A Letter" and ultimately "After the Blue Note Closes."
VCU M 426 Box 6 f 11 A Letter_typed untitled_early draft rsz.jpg

Typed draft identified as page 7 of "A Letter" with handwritten revisions. Levis' signature at top right of page.
VCU M 426 Box 6 f 11 A Letter p7 typed signed rsz.jpg

First and last pages of a typed draft of "A Letter." Pencil notes by Larry Levis. Comment at end, written in ink, by Philip Levine.A letter salutation and closing written in pencil ("Dear" and "Love,") frame the poem.
VCU M 426 b 7  f5 A Letter p1_Dear rsz.jpg

Typed draft of "After the Blue Note Closes" in two pages. Page two has reader's comments by Philip Levine and revisions by Larry Levis.
VCU M 426 b7 f5_After the Blue Note Closes_typed with reader comments_p1 rsz.jpg

Proof of cover design forWinter Stars.Printed on card stock.
VCU M 426 b8 f4 Winter Stars cover proof rsz.jpg
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