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Draft title page of manuscript for Winter Stars [book].Signed by author.Four possible titles (typed and handwritten in black ink) have been struck through in blue ink, leaving "Winter Stars" which has been circled in blue ink.Rejected titles:Late…
VCU M 426 Box 6 f11 Winter stars mss title page rsz.jpg

Handwritten version of Winter Stars. Not in final form.
VCU M426 b7 f1_Winter Stars hw on notepaper_p1 rsz.jpg

Poem on two pages; each page signed at top "Larry Levis." Reader's comments handwritten by Philip Levine.Ink stain at right appears to have happened after comments were penned.
VCU M426 b6 f9_Winter Stars ink spill with Levine notes p1 rsz.jpg

Typed draft with revisions, signed by the author. Man's name is "Ruben Vasquez." Strike through changes line from "wanted to kill his own father" to "wanted to kill his daughter."Handwritten revision at side, "I don't know. When I left home at…
VCU M 426 b7 f 4 Winter Stars single page_signed_daughter varient rsz.jpg

Poem typed on three pages with unidentified reader's comments handwritten in pencil.
VCU M 426 b7 f5_Winter Stars_typed with readers comments in pencil_ p1 rsz.jpg
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