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A photograph of Pollak discussing her painting, Afton Mountains, with a group of art students at RPI.
M5_B17_TP and VCU_Pollak with Students_300ppi.jpg

Pollak with her painting, Little Miss Goldsby, at her studio on West Franklin Street, Richmond.
M5_B20_Pollak_TP with Portrait of Little Miss Goldsby, 1940_600ppi.jpg

Here, Pollak stands in front of her painting, Painter's Porch, at the opening night of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art's Virginia Artists Biennial Exhibition of 1971.
M5_B17_Painters Porch_Pollak in Front of Painting_600ppi.jpg

Theresa (left) and her friends, Catherine Gilbert (center) and Martha Sawyers (right) in Central Park, New York City.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP and Friends in Central Park_600ppi.jpg
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