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Pollak with her painting, Little Miss Goldsby, at her studio on West Franklin Street, Richmond.
M5_B20_Pollak_TP with Portrait of Little Miss Goldsby, 1940_600ppi.jpg

Pollak embarked on her first and only trip to Europe in 1962. Here, she is photographed with a tour group in Italy (2nd row, 6th person from the left).
M5_B1_Letters from Europe_Italian Tour Group Photo_300ppi.jpg

Here, Pollak stands in front of her painting, Painter's Porch, at the opening night of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art's Virginia Artists Biennial Exhibition of 1971.
M5_B17_Painters Porch_Pollak in Front of Painting_600ppi.jpg

In this photograph, Dr. Warren W. Brandt (President of VCU) honors Pollak at the dedication ceremony of VCU's new School of the Arts building. Completed in 1971, this facility was officially named the Theresa Pollak Building in order to recognize…
M5_B17_Dedication of Pollak Building_Dedication Speech_300ppi.jpg

In this photograph, Adele Clark (left) and Theresa Pollak (right) celebrate Clark's 100th birthday at Westminster-Canterbury in Richmond, VA.

Clark, together with Nora Houston, founded the Richmond Art Club, where Pollak received her first…
M5_B17_Pollak Friends_TP with Adele Clark_600ppi.jpg

Maurice Bonds (right) was one of Pollak's (left) earliest students. He was also one of her earliest colleagues, joining RPI's faculty in 1946 as an instructor of fine arts and art history. Bonds also served as the Chair for both departments during…
M5_B17_Pollak Friends_TP with Maurice Bonds_600ppi.jpg

A photograph of Pollak receiving the Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from her alma mater, the University of Richmond.
M5_B19_Correspondence from Westhampton_Photo of Pollak receiving Doctorate_300ppi.jpg

A photograph of Pollak discussing her painting, Afton Mountains, with a group of art students at RPI.
M5_B17_TP and VCU_Pollak with Students_300ppi.jpg

Based on the unexpectedly high enrollment and success of Pollak's daytime painting class in September, 1928, Dr. Hibbs allowed Pollak to add both an evening class and children's class to her schedule. The children's class was held on Saturday…
M5_B17_TP and VCU_Childrens Class Taught by Pollak_300ppi.jpg

Having trained at the progressive Art Student's League of New York, Pollak was a strong believer in the educational value of the nude figure. However, Dean Hibbs knew that the then-conservative Richmond majority would condemn the college's use of…
M5_B17_TP and VCU_Life Class Taught by Pollak_600ppi.jpg

A photograph of Pollak's father, Armin, who died when Theresa was about 11 months old.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_Armin Pollak_300ppi.jpg

Theresa was very close with her brother, Philip, who died in 1980.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_Pollak's Brother Philip died 1980_300ppi.jpg

Theresa in confirmation dress with her brother, Philip.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP and Brother_600ppi.jpg

Theresa (left) and her friends, Catherine Gilbert (center) and Martha Sawyers (right) in Central Park, New York City.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP and Friends in Central Park_600ppi.jpg

Pollak receiving the YWCA's "One of Ten Most Prominent Women of the Year in Richmond" award.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP Receiving YWCA Award_300ppi.jpg

Pollak painting on the beach at Martha's Vineyard Island, Edgartown, Massachusetts.
M5_B17_Marthas Vineyard_TP ptg on beach 1937_600ppi.jpg

Pollak in her studio at 1407 Grove Avenue, Richmond.
M5_B17_Theresa Pollak_TP at Grove Studio in the 60s_300ppi.jpg

This certificate testifies to Pollak's many contributions to the Richmond community and designates 13 August 1999 as "Theresa Pollak Day" in the city of Richmond, Virginia.
M5_B21_TP 100th birthday_300ppi.jpg
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