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James Branch Cabell was born on April 14, 1879 at 101 E. Franklin St.. The building shown here occupied what is now the site of the Richmond Public Library.
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James Branch Cabell, his wife, Priscilla Bradley Shepperd Cabell, and their son Ballard moved to this home in 1925. Priscilla Cabell died in 1949. James Branch Cabell died in this home on May 5, 1958. He was survived by his second wife, Margaret…
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Marble statue of Aesred, the ever-transforming female from James Branch Cabell's mythical land of Poictesme. Originally belonging to James Branch Cabell, this piece is now in Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library.

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Cabell's collection label reads:Alsvidur, The Horse of Mani. A gift from Clitandre the Highwayman. --The Book of Clitandre, in Smith. 3Note: Mani is the moon god in Norse mythology who travels across the sky drawn by the horse Alsvidur. Mani is…
Alsvidur Horse of Mani_No3 rsz.jpg

Aquiline, The Horse of Raymond of Toulouse. A gift from Brace [sic] Abundant. --"Grance[sic] Abundant," in Special Delivery. 4Raymond of Toulousewas a powerful prince in southern France and one of the leaders of the First Crusade. Aquiline is…
Aquiline Horse of Raymond of Toulouse_No4.jpg

Cabell's label reads:Babieca, The Horse of the Cid.A gift from Wiglerus, Prince of Denmark.--Hamlet Had an Uncle. 8Babieca (which means simpleton or stupid) was the great warhorse of El Cid. After his death, El Cid's body was tied onto…
Babieca Horse of The Cid_No8 rsz.jpg

Detail of a studio portrait of Ballard Hartwell Cabell by Foster Studio, Richmond, VA. Inscribed in James Branch Cabell's hand, "For John Bell Cabell from Ballard Hartwell Cabell."
RG 60 Ser XI B1 Oversize Ballard Cabell adj crop2.jpg

Cabell's bookplate. The rearing stallion was Cabell's family symbol. The word "Impavide" means "fearless."A silver stallion appears on the shield of one of Cabell's fictional characters, Manuel, with the motto "Mundus vult decipi" ("The world wants…
James Branch Cabell bookplate rsz.jpg

James Branch Cabell was born on April 14, 1879 at 101 E. Franklin St.. The building shown here occupied what is now the site of the Richmond Public Library.
RG 60 Ser XI B1 Branch House 101 E Franklin St crop rsz.jpg

Cabell's collection label reads: Bucephalos, The Horse of Alexander. A gift from Cesario dei Vetori, Prince of Melphe. --The King Was in His Counting House. 15The King Was in His Counting House is a satirical romance by Cabell,set in the…
Bucephalos Horse of Alexader_No15  rsz.jpg

This is the only known photograph of Ellen Glasgow and James Branch Cabell together. It was taken at the Cabell home on June 1, 1928 by Richmond’s Dementi Studio for the Richmond News Leader. From left to right are Burton Rascoe, a literary critic…
RG 60 Ser XI B1 James Branch Cabell Ellen Glasgow and friends crop rsz.jpg

This photograph was first published inArts & Decoration magazine (Vol. XXX, No. 1, November, 1928, p.47) in an article by Burton Rascoe entitled "Contemporary Reminiscences - An Intimate Visit to James Branch Cabell and Ellen Glasgow via an Air…
RG 60 Ser XI B1 Burton Rascoe JBC Elliott White Springs crop rsz.jpg

Detailing the fictional setting of many of Cabell's works, the map of Poictesme (Pwa-Tem) was designed by Peter Koch and printed in Chicago by Argus Books, 1928.
Poictesme card table standing crop rsz.jpg

Note: "This story was first printed in the New Yorker ..."--Page [4]. Inscribed by the author: James Branch CabellOne more proof of the power of the Holy Spirit.H.L MenckenSept 29, 1946
PS 3525_E43C5 c2 Christmas Story H L Mencken dust jacket crop rsz.jpg

Cabell's collection tag reads:Cyllaros, The Horse of Castor.A gift from Colonel Henry Esmond of Castlewood-in-Virginia.--"Colonel Edmond of Virginia," inLet Me Lie. 19According to Brewer's A Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (a copy of which…
Cyllaros The Horse of Castor_No19 rsz.jpg

Dedication plaque placed on the wall outside the Cabell Room in VCU Libraries James Branch Cabell Library
Cabell Room Dedication Plaque rsz.jpg

Portrait of Ellen Glasgow, by Elsie Lowden, circa 1920. The portrait is inscribed "For James Branch Cabell in friendship. from Ellen Glasgow 1926"

This work is located in the anteroom to the Cabell Room.
Ellen Glasgow Portrait inscribed to JBC rsz.jpg

Louisa Nelson was the beloved nurse of James Branch Cabell and his brothers Robert G. Cabell and John L. Cabell. She lived with the Cabell family for 25 years, employed first a a nurse, then later as a maid to the boys' mother, Anne Cabell. Louisa…
M214 Scrapbook 2 Box 16_Louisa Nelson_obits rsz.jpg

Cabell's collection note reads:Grane, The Horse of Brunnhilde.A gift from Margaret Waller Freeman. 24In Wagner's Ring cycle Brunhilde's horse is named Grane.
Grane Horse of Brunnhilde_No24.jpg

H. L. Mencken became both a friend, and one of James Branch Cabell's greatest literary champions.
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