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Pages 18 and 19. This two page spread uses jagged, stained glass inspired panels in a spiral pattern to draw the reader’s attention towards the woman curled in the lower section of the left page who is the focal point of the image. Visually this is…
Madame Xanadu.jpg

While the paper choices talked about above are highly important to the final quality and appearance of the finished comic, this is not how the pages often begin. The printed version on the paper that we as readers handle is compiled from artists’…
Jack Tales, page 5, Charles Vess papers, M 374

Flyleaf inscription reads: "Presented to the Art Club of Richmond, 521 West Grace Street, 1917 ; Inherited from the Art Club of Richmond, Virginia by the atelier of Nora Houston and Ade?le Clark [...] 1918 ; Presented to Maurice Bonds by Ade?le Clark…
NE2420_S_53_1911_Invention of Lithography_002.jpg
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