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This certificate testifies to Pollak's many contributions to the Richmond community and designates 13 August 1999 as "Theresa Pollak Day" in the city of Richmond, Virginia.
M5_B21_TP 100th birthday_300ppi.jpg

Pollak in her studio at 1407 Grove Avenue, Richmond.
M5_B17_Theresa Pollak_TP at Grove Studio in the 60s_300ppi.jpg

Pollak painting on the beach at Martha's Vineyard Island, Edgartown, Massachusetts.
M5_B17_Marthas Vineyard_TP ptg on beach 1937_600ppi.jpg

Pollak receiving the YWCA's "One of Ten Most Prominent Women of the Year in Richmond" award.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP Receiving YWCA Award_300ppi.jpg

Theresa (left) and her friends, Catherine Gilbert (center) and Martha Sawyers (right) in Central Park, New York City.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP and Friends in Central Park_600ppi.jpg

Theresa in confirmation dress with her brother, Philip.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP and Brother_600ppi.jpg

Theresa was very close with her brother, Philip, who died in 1980.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_Pollak's Brother Philip died 1980_300ppi.jpg

A photograph of Pollak's father, Armin, who died when Theresa was about 11 months old.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_Armin Pollak_300ppi.jpg

Pollak sits in her studio at 1407 Grove Avenue, Richmond.

Photo by Jack Wright.
M5_B17_Grove Studio_TP in Studio_300ppi.jpg

Pollak's letter of application to Hans Hofmann's School of Painting in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
M5_B10b_Notes on 1958 HH class_TP Letter to Hofmann_300ppi.jpg

In this letter, Dr. Hibbs officially appoints Pollak to Instructor of Drawing, Painting, and Composition at the Richmond Division of the College of William and Mary.
pollak letter to her from hibbs on appointment 1928.jpg

A transcript of an interview with Dr. Theresa Pollak by Dr. Alden Bigelow at Pollak's studio on Grace Street in Richmond, VA on 31 October 1975. This interview was conducted as part of the VCU Oral History Program on the history of Richmond…
Transcript of VCU's Oral History Interview with Theresa Pollak_1975.pdf

A photograph of Theresa Pollak at the Studio Club of New York, where she participated in her first group exhibition in 1926.
M5_B17_Immediate Family_TP on roof of NY Studio Club_600ppi.jpg

A photograph of Theresa Pollak in the backyard of her home at 3912 Stuart Avenue, Richmond.

Photograph taken by Jack Wright.
M5_B17_Theresa Pollak_TP in backyard of Stuart Avenue home_300ppi.jpg

Photograph of Pollak taken by Etta Edwards.
M5_B20_Pollak_TP in Spring 1975_300ppi.jpg

Photograph of Pollak taken by Frances Rose.
M5_B17_Theresa Pollak_TP in 1975_300ppi.jpg
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